OPENspace: WONDER 18th – 21st of May 2018

It is time to halt and wonder, with senses, thoughts, speech bubbles and silence. It is time to experiment, play, dance. It is time for OPENspace! After almost three years’ break we will be tuning up, tuning down, dusting off this meeting place between art, faith and existence.

To wonder and to ponder. Become present to each other and towards the things we create. The big and the small. In life. That is the theme for this OPENspace. The philosopher Miller describes wondering as to sit on a hinge, turning towards something unknown. Soaring over the doorstep is something to practice when creating. And creating helps us to do so in other areas of life. Or so we believe. We will try.

OPENspace is 72 hours of play, reflection, conversation, listening, time to go for a walk on one’s own, opportunities to create. It is for professional artists, happy amateurs, innovative minds, leaders missing to engage body and playfulness, and others with the courage to stand in a creative and existential field, letting oneself be inspired by Christian spiritual practices, having conversations about life, faith and wonder.

In the morning, there will be sessions and discussion. In the afternoon there will be workshops on writing, land art etc. In the evening there will be performances. Also, there will be opportunity to dance as well as to participate in different styles of Christian spirituality practices every day.

The main speaker will be Murray Watts, the leader of Wayfarer Trust (, and visual artist Monique Schliedrecht will contribute as well as a number of other artists.

This is for those who think they are too professional, not artistic enough, not believing enough, not social enough. This is about breathing and walking one’s own path, and it is about community. It is OPENspace!

Price (double room): 2600 DK KR

Price (single room): 2750 DK KR

Venue: Emmaus – galleri og konferencecenter, Haslev, Denmark (1 hour from Copenhagen by train or car)

Registration must happen before 19th of April.